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StartOR Project provides fast and secure Tor Relay Servers within the Tor Network - torproject.org - tor-brochure.pdf

We were successfully crowdfunded in 2015 on StartJOIN with StartCOIN - a crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin.

You can continue to support our efforts by donating directly with StartCOIN to: sbe6kY4HjZbP7Q6trkwGZZk6vim9qAeexb

or with Bitcoin to: 1M8P2waFjNXtj7tGLkgeKu7TAN6RDQ9LHv - Thank you!

All donations go towards new StartOR Tor Relays, our server maintenance costs and increasing bandwidth capacity.

StartOR Tor Exit Servers - Eurasia

startor0ru - Tor Relay (Exit Node) - Moscow, Russia - $C5B4B665BBD718A60D9317DDD46BDE8BF09CFAD5

startor1ru - Tor Relay (Exit Node) - Moscow, Russia - $D7952C820DAEC851041D2023E35E40B5A607E20A

startor2ru - Tor Relay (Exit Node) - Moscow, Russia - $7055266F931573FF8311C19C1790AA9D989D2E1B

StartOR Tor Relay Servers - Asia

startor0sg - Tor Relay (Non-Exit) - Singapore - $AD00FAC2AB97E310ECAB25E6A154FAEED345922E

StartOR Tor Relay and Exit Servers - Europe

startor0se - Tor Relay (Exit Node) - Stockholm, Sweden - $1E8C1AC0A4512B1B2B55DBA517436E6EA84C3F5E

startor0lv - Tor Relay (Exit Node) - Riga, Latvia - $31FFF23188F8DFFC5623D52CFA49EBF8644751D1

startor0nl - Tor Relay (Non-Exit) - Amsterdam, Netherlands - $DB107EED52A46376324949505B30EBAC5B7DDF0F

startor0fr - Tor Relay (Non-Exit) - Paris, France - $521ED15AE1A390D39D52B118BCE06ED37057661E

startor0de - Tor Relay (Non-Exit) - Frankfurt, Germany - $E29903EF7A17A44D1649D0EFF51BFE75BFF785A9

startor0gb - Tor Relay (Non-Exit) - London, United Kingdom - $C342953C9A1BEA8753349C6D1291CC3B8387FD85

StartOR Tor Servers do not host any Tor hidden_services.

VPS companies hosting StartOR Tor Servers include:

Vultr.com - Get $5 FREE - Accepts Bitcoin - Allows Tor Relays (No Exit Nodes)

YourServer.se - Accepts Bitcoin - Allows Tor Exit Nodes

DigitalOcean.com - Hosts our Singapore based Relay

CloudAVT.com - Hosts our Russian based Exit Nodes

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